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support your local coffee emporium - Peter Maydell

Oct. 30th, 2006

03:54 pm - support your local coffee emporium

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Martin gave me a pack of coffee beans the other day; since I don't have a coffee grinder I popped down to the shop that sold them today and got them to grind the beans for me. The Workhouse Coffee Company turns out to be a small shop on the corner of Oxford Road and Edinburgh Road. The guy in there cheerfully ground up the beans with his expensive grinding machine (after asking me first how I made coffee so he could grind them to the appropriate degree of fineness), and then we chatted for a bit (Mondays being pretty quiet for them :-)). Apparently they've been open four or five weeks now, and although they have a sort of cafe area so you can buy coffee and a pastry, but really what they're about is selling high quality coffee (beans or ground) to people.

The guy was really nice and I got a free taster cup of a couple of things, so if you're after real coffee in Reading I recommend them (and I hope the business succeeds...) I shall be going back once I've drunk this bag.


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Date:November 2nd, 2006 11:01 am (UTC)
I told you they were good. By the time it takes to walk from the town centre to that shop, my painkillers had usually worn off and I'm in a bit of agony. But once there, I usually get a cup of the Ethiopean blend (which seems popular as it's sold out quite quick) and my painkillers on the side though considering how strong that stuff is, mixing with medication might not be such a good idea.

But it's not a chain and it's not heaving with people and it's not got chav music being played in the background so it's worth the walk/agony and I'll be doing my official book launch from there (they said I can for free which is nothing to sneeze at.)
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