Peter Maydell (pm215) wrote,

support your local coffee emporium

Martin gave me a pack of coffee beans the other day; since I don't have a coffee grinder I popped down to the shop that sold them today and got them to grind the beans for me. The Workhouse Coffee Company turns out to be a small shop on the corner of Oxford Road and Edinburgh Road. The guy in there cheerfully ground up the beans with his expensive grinding machine (after asking me first how I made coffee so he could grind them to the appropriate degree of fineness), and then we chatted for a bit (Mondays being pretty quiet for them :-)). Apparently they've been open four or five weeks now, and although they have a sort of cafe area so you can buy coffee and a pastry, but really what they're about is selling high quality coffee (beans or ground) to people.

The guy was really nice and I got a free taster cup of a couple of things, so if you're after real coffee in Reading I recommend them (and I hope the business succeeds...) I shall be going back once I've drunk this bag.

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